VANHEROES has come to an end.

Two and a half years ago we began our journey with a simple mission: connect everyday people to a network of professional van drivers. Armed with little more than a vision and a name, we set out to build a service that empowered everyday people to get the job done confidently and conveniently with the help of local ‘Heroes’.

Since then we’ve achieved a lot. We built our innovative booking app for Android and iOS on next to zero budget in under 12 months, created a name for ourselves in Swindon’s growing tech scene, and most recently won the award for Best Tech Startup at the Techies.

We’re incredibly proud of these achievements, but prouder still of the communities we have brought together - from hundreds of passionate Heroes that make up our unique network of drivers, to our amazing customers who have supported us from day one and put their trust in us to get the job done. We have been humbled by your support at every twist and turn.

Sadly, our journey together ends here. In a market that survives on such tiny margins, we simply do not have the volume to continue without compromising on paying our drivers a fair wage, or giving our customers the support they need - something which we are not willing to do.

As of today the VANHEROES app will no longer be available to users or drivers, and the ability to create a new account will be removed. Over the next few weeks we will do our best to provide any support we can as we place our platform into a dormant, archived state.

Our goal has always been to build an ethical company - one that prioritises fair and competitive pay for jobs in an industry that often fails to see the value of its workers. In this respect we feel we have been successful, and we still believe this is the right thing for businesses like ours to do moving forward.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest, involvement, and support for VANHEROES over the years. The decision to close the doors on our beloved startup has been an incredibly difficult one, but we feel the time is right to end on a high and apply all of the invaluable lessons we have learned to a new adventure.

Expect to hear more on this soon. For now, as VANHEROES, we must bid you a very fond farewell. It’s been an incredible journey that has brought us closer to the brilliant people in our community, and for that we will be forever grateful.

See you on the other side!

Shane, Hamlyn, and the team

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