The Founders Interview: Our CEO

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Over the next few weeks, we will quiz the founding team on why they started Tote, and understand the highs and lows of the journey so far

First up, We would like to introduce our very own CEO, Shane Moore.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

Well I hit my 30's with a real mixed bag of skills. I had been lucky enough to play a professional sport from a young age, which taught me some amazing key skills to bring into the workplace. The teamwork and leadership skills, along with the discipline has been my founding roots in all that I have done. In my working life, I have been involved in lots of sectors and roles, from Telemarketing, to sales, to marketing and training, and all that lies in between. Most recently I am working in app advertising, and earlier this year it struck me just how vibrant the market is. But most importantly, I couldn't understand why an app like Tote did not already exist in the UK.

What made you think about Tote? I had moved a couple of times, and realised how much of an effort it was to move a couple of items. I could fit most things in my car, but for the bigger items I was having to ask friends with vans to help out, or book a rental. The time and effort it took to do either just didn't stack up, and I realised there had to be an easier way to do things.

Then when I thought more about it, I thought about all the other situations in day to day life that an app such as Tote could help with. Waste disposal, Gumtree Items, second hand market places. Even a full flat or house move. I just realised how behind the UK was with this market, and the more I researched, the more I saw the need in everyday life. The marketplace not only wants an app like this, It demands it. Then it hit me, what if there was a Uber for moving stuff? And thats' when it all began.

Has it been an easy ride? Smooth? Quite the opposite. When you start a company, every one thinks its all Porsches and Mansions. That's laughable! Its long hours, with no rewards, late nights and frustration at every turn. Early into development, we lost our front-end developer, which at the time seemed like a massive roadblock. Thankfully, by that time I had built a great team that was able to help me see past this and move on. Now I'm more excited than ever with the product road map looking tight, new designs in place and a team that wants to succeed.

Lets step it up now and discuss Tote as a product. Tell us more about the business. Tote is Truck & Muscle, Anytime You Need It. We’re like Uber for moving stuff. Anytime you need a friend with a truck or thinking about renting a van, Tote is a great fit to help out. We help move big bulky furniture a few feet or a few miles. Whats really interesting about our product, is just how versatile it is. Need some rubbish taken to the tip? Let Tote do it. Need a small office move next week? Schedule your move. Just gone overboard at Costco and that new 60inch TV wont fit in? No worries get an on demand mover to take it. We’re an iPhone app (with Android to follow) to keep the moving experience lightweight and as pain free as possible. Saving your back, your time and money. Let Tote take a load off.

Do you think the on-demand gig is just a fad? Definitely not. As a culture, consumers now expect everything to be quick, easy, and simple. That's where the traditional market place falls short, and where Tote falls perfectly into. There are several trends that are making our timing really interesting. Most importantly we have smartphones in just about everyone’s pocket. This is where people make quick,sharp decisions about just about everything. Its the first place they search for a resource.

Our Heros will be ready to help you in anyway we can, and we are always looking for more people to join our platform. Our Heros are what makes us unique, so if you think you have the skill set required to make a positive change to the Man & Van market place, then join us today to make a difference. We are launching in Swindon, but this is just the start, we want to be in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and beyond next year. We will make a difference.


  • Pricing starts at £15

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