The convenience of On-Demand Delivery

So, I had a situation recently, something you may be familiar with. My wife purchased an item from eBay that was way too big to move in the car. In fairness, she got the most beautiful wendy house for our daughter, the problem was it was a 45 minute drive away and required a luton van to collect it! This situation just reinforces why we started Tote.

Wendy House

Have you ever needed to arrange collection quickly? Maybe you needed to move out of your rental quickly? Day by day we see these situations, along with hundreds of people missing out on items on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, simply because they can’t collect. Maybe you got carried away at Ikea, and now can’t get that super king-sized bed back home!

All these situations point to Tote, and our on-demand delivery option.

Normally these types of items need to be picked up quite quickly, which tends to be an issue when van rental cannot be guaranteed at short notice. It’s always a risk leaving it to the last minute too as you may not get the size of van you require. If you do, you are almost certain to pay a higher price for it and it soon becomes very costly.

Until now options have been limited, but Tote is here to change that. You no longer need to accept it. Break free and join the revolution as people put more trust in their devices and the apps available to them. Tote brings you our unique, friendly van and delivery service in the palm of your hand - Just the way you want it.

The gig economy in recent years has really taken off, so why are furniture delivery and courier services so far behind? Tote is here to connect the wide market with the services they require through our Website, iPhone App, or Android app. We make it quicker, and more affordable for people to find a friend with a van! Our service uses the gig economy culture to help with moving and delivery services. A simple registration and a few clicks and you’re ready to go!

How we work:

Our App is still in development, but once complete you can download the App from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. Upon launch, register for free to post your first job with us in a few easy steps:

  • Select the job type you require

  • Add your items

  • Choose a date and time that suits you

  • Add your collection and delivery addresses

  • Give us additional details (Ex. Required helpers or flights of stairs)

  • Post your job and watch the magic happen!

Put your feet up and let Tote Heroes take a load off! Through us you can hire the help you need on the schedule that suits you, with or without a van. All our Heroes are checked and confirmed before having access to our jobs, so you can rest assured you are in the safest of hands with us. All jobs are insured, and all Heroes are registered and background checked to offer the safest service.

Tote driver in his van with ID

Want to become a Tote Hero? Register early to take advance of the marketplace. We look forward to working with you all!

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