Our Mission

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As we continue to build Tote, its important to recap and remember why we started! Our mission and vision for the future of the company.

Tote's Mission is simple. We want to bring the house moving and man & van markets to the modern world. Whilst everything else has moved on, why are every day people still struggling to find the services they need? We want to make delivery as simple as a purchase is.

Our Vision is to be the go-to-guys of big-box items, bringing delivery and home moving services to the palm of your hand. Just the way you want and expect it.

Consumers demand and expect faster delivery for their products,Whilst retailers and wholesalers must adapt and deliver products on a schedule they can not handle. We may be small frys at the moment, but the market will be playing catch up when we launch. We are creating a platform to effortlessly connect Man & Van owners with retailers who need help delivering their products. Meaning the customer can have delivery as and when needed. On top of your standard delivery, our unique Tote Heroes can also build items for. Bought an Ikea wardrobe? No worries, you can always rely on our Heroes to get the job done. By partnering with Tote our customers are able to save more than 50% on delivery costs compared to traditional delivery services. Thanks to a growing team of delivery professionals, we will be ready and raring to hit the market by storm. On Top of delivery and moving, we offer so much more. Need to do a tip run, but don't have the time or the energy? Our licensed waste carriers will have you sorted.

For example, you might be a Swindon resident, who has dropped in Costco when visiting Bristol or Reading. You dont want to wait around for Costco to deliver that new TV, but also you went a bit big and that 52" screen is not going to fit in the back of your Corsa.

When a Costco member buys something, it needs to be delivered right away. Costco does not hold items for members. Furthermore, the lack of delivery options has been costing Costco valuable sales, often to Amazon. So we want to partner with the guys, offering our unique, agile service to consumers and business's alike.

Van owners will benefit by keeping their vehicles active on the network all day instead of sitting idle. Retailers and wholesalers will have access without ownership saving them capital, operating costs and time. Instead of owning, maintaining or leasing a fleet, they will be able to subscribe to a delivery network. This is Tote's vision for last-mile delivery and home moves. We cant wait for you to be a part of it.

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