Moving doesn't have to break the bank

Moving House? Stressful right? Costs can quickly escalate out of control and in this day & age, every penny counts. But just because its traditionally expensive, doesn't mean it has to be that way for you. With a little pre-planning and thought, moving on any budget is achievable.

See our tips below to help you achieve a move within your budget.

Sell What you don't need!

We often accumulate lots of items, over many years of living in one place. Lots goes in to a spare room, in the attic or loft. Maybe you are downsizing, maybe you are moving up. Whatever you reason for moving, its the perfect time to have a clear out and sell any unwanted or unused items. Do it early, then there is no need to pack the items, cutting down the cost of your move, whilst potentially funding the moving costs also with the sale of items.

Sell your items locally on line through sites like Gumtree, Ebay or Facebook marketplaces or for sale groups. You can also sell at car boot sales, or too to local stores. Clothes can also be sold by weight at local locations, so this is a quick option also.

To get the most out of items, make sure you take great photos, with lots of light to show them in the best possible way. Be descriptive, and let potential buyers know why your items are worth the price tag you place on them. When selling bigger items, if you can not deliver yourself, make sure to advice that delivery can be arranged via the Tote App, which will increase the interest in your items. We can scheduled a delivery of the item and in some instances be available on demand.

Sell enough and you could maybe cover the cost of your move! Be bold and let go of the items!

Be creative, Heavy Items don't have to put your back out!

We get it, Moving is hard work right? Use items you have already to your advantage. I bet you already have a suitcase with wheels? Fill it with all those books you have. Big heavy table, remove the legs so its easier to fit in the van.

Another good tip for heavy furniture is to use furniture sliders. These can be picked up cheaply and can be a lifesaver when moving bigger items. Cheap to buy, but amazing effective and used by professionals all over the world.

Don’t purchase any unnecessary supplies for your move

Don't buy expensive purpose built moving boxes. There are hundreds of stores that will let you take their old boxes for free! Save on other packing supplies also, don't buy expensive bubble wrap when you can use old T-shirts or sheets.

When it comes time to cleaning down the old house or flat, instead of picking up new cleaner, use what you already have. A half-empty bottle of vinegar, a past-ripe lemon, and some old rags may be all you need for to clean the whole place. Don't spend money on top brands when you have stuff already that is more than usable.

Clear the way!

Moving is already hard enough, why make it harder by having to look after the kids or pets? Call in a favour, I'm sure the grandparents will more than happy to spend some time with the kids, freeing you up to get the moving done.


Want to keep the price down, Let us Tote it!

Lastly, get with the modern world. Traditional moving company's are expensive, and time consuming to book. Want it easier and cheaper? Download the Tote app and have your helpers and transport booked in minutes. Local Man and Van owners, local people, all ready and willing to help you move and transport any items and a cost effective price that suits everybody. Our prices are given upfront, and as long as you don't move the goal posts, that's all you will pay.

We may be budget friendly, but we are here to be the best service you will ever receive. All our Tote staff are carefully selected and vetted to ensure you get a high quality service at a budget friendly price.

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