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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Let Tote Take A Load Off

What does Tote mean?


  1. 1.carry, wield, or convey (something heavy or substantial)."This fridge will need a tote home"

Ok, but what is the Tote App?

Its the revolutionary way to book Man & Man services, Delivery & Moving Services. Think Uber for Man and Van services! Tote connects customers, with van owners and people willing to help. Whatever you need, from a Gumtree pickup to a whole house move, we can put you in touch with the right people, all via our simple, quick to use app.

But why shouldn't I just call a local company?

You can, and they would do an excellent job! But its time consuming, and you generally have to book in advance. Tote can offer time slots that suit you, and on demand services. And we use local company's, so you get the best of both!

Sound great, but I could rent a van for a time that suits me.

Again, another great idea. but do you really want the hassle of driving to get the van, filling out the paper work, doing your job, and taking the van back again? If you do, We are totally (see what we did there.....) not the app for you! However if like us, you want the easy life, then just book a Tote through the app and let us do the hard graft.

Makes sense, How do I book a Tote then?

Well the app should be launching soon on all iOS devices, with android to follow shortly after. We will be available only in Swindon and the surrounding areas to start with, but we have rapid expansion plans!

o when we launch, search for us in the app store and download. Follow the simple steps to find the service you need, get a quote instantly, book if you like it, sit back and wait for us to do the work!

We look forward to watching you see how easy, fast and effective Tote is!

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