How the Tote App can top-up your earnings

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Side hustles are everywhere. There are so many great opportunities for people now to boost their earnings. You could use your car to make you money with Uber, you could use your bike with Deliveroo, or you could use your van with Tote. Yep thats right, sign up now and get prepared to put your van to work. It's not easy to work out which option is best for you, but we firmly believe that the rates earned through us are second to none in the gig economy.

Our app offers real opportunities to people who are fit and able to pick up and deliver big items such as furniture, or appliances. Or even remove unwanted waste if you have a waste disposal license. Even without a van, you can sign up as a Hero and connect with a van owner who needs an extra pair of hands!

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So what is Tote?

Tote is a platform that connects a network of van owners and individuals (Heroes), with those who need help or don't have access to a van. Consider us your friend with a van. Essentially we are the Uber of man and van services.

Tote offers affordable moving solutions for people while giving people like you an opportunity to earn an extra income or top up their day with extra jobs.

In the UK, the hired help market is so far behind. We live in a world that expects services at the touch of a button, and that is exactly what Tote brings. For our network of Heroes, we bring freedom. Freedom to work the hours they want, and earn the money they need. By connecting local people with local jobs, we are helping to reduce emissions, and keep costs down for the van owners.

How to Sign Up

Unlike most apps and services, you cant dive right in. Preparation is the key, as we aim to be the safest, most convenient and quickest way to move items around town. With this in mind, its important that we check all our drivers out before they have access to the platform, and we allow both parties to rate each other upon job completion.

It's a simple process involved in signing up with Tote. Simply fill out the short application form, and then we will be in contact to finalise your application. You could be up and running within 48hours of applying. Once we have received your application, we will conduct a background check and DVLA check to ensure the safety of all our platform users.

While we are only launching initially in Swindon, We have rapid expansion plans already in place to move quickly across the UK. So we welcome applications from all over, as we don't think it will take long to reach you.

How does Tote work?

Once we launch, you will download the app and your login details will enter you as either a Hero or consumer. Our first version will allow you to accept Mini Moves (one or two items) such as a sofa pick up or dining table move. It could even be a pick up of a swanky new piece of furniture that someone wants home ASAP. The other option will be waste disposal, typically a tip run of rubbish from a household or garden waste. These jobs will only be available for those with waste disposal licenses, to ensure that all waste disposal jobs are completed legal and avoid fly tipping. The best part is there is no pressure for you to take any job. Choose the jobs that suit your schedule or are most appealing.

Why you want to work with Tote

You don't have to wait to the end of the month to get paid. If you're short on cash, Tote provides the answer by paying you at the end of the week for the previous 7 days work. We may even introduce an insta pay option, but this is likely to cost you a small admin fee. Tote gives you the opportunity to earn real money and you don’t have to haggle with customers over price – the price is already set and you may either agree to that price when you accept the job or pass on the job to take another. Another huge benefit is flexibility. If you’re busy one week and can’t work, no problem. Work on your own schedule. You make money for helping real people.Tipping is allowed so you can make even more by offering exceptional service. At the end of the job, users and Heroes can rate each other, so all users know that we monitor performance and support both customers and service providers. There is not much out there to rival what we have to offer, so what are you waiting for?

What do users get from the Tote app?

We are not just here for the drivers, we are here for consumers too. People use gig economy apps for a multitude of reasons. Ease of use, convenience, flexibility, On demand service. The list goes on. Listed below are among the most popular reasons people turn to an app like Tote, to make sure their items get moved or delivered as needed.

Vetted Heroes: This is more important than you may realise. Not only does Tote conduct a background check before giving Drivers and Heroes access, but it allows previous users to provide feedback about their experiences and rate their Heroes.

Affordable services: Professional moving companies may charge for half-day minimums and their fees aren’t always affordable. Tote offers on-demand services that are appropriate for the size and scale of the job.

Eliminates the need for expensive van hire: Renting vans often charge by the day making a job that will only require a couple hours of time much less affordable. They also require you to pick up the van, fill in the paperwork, require two types of ID, and need the van returned with the same amount of fuel! Tote is the ultimate in convenience for delivery and moving.

Help when you need it: Sometimes what you really need is the help. Maybe you are too busy, maybe you are injured, or the item might just be too heavy for you. Put your feet up and let us do the hard work.

Interested in working with us? Sign up now and be one of the first for our launch in 2019!

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