Easy money: How to increase your selling power on facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Is there a more used social media platform than Facebook? I’m sure you know the answer already……….

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users currently, with YouTube in second place at 1.9 billion.

It's constantly updating the services it offers, with Facebook Marketplace appearing back in October 2015, with the original name of Local Market. Prior to this there were early versions with local groups being set up and used in a similar fashion, with users posting items and buying items in the local areas. These still exist and thrive now. You can buy anything you need through Facebook now, as if you are walking around a carboot. Anything and everything from bedroom furniture to cars and more are available.

Due to its large user base, this could quite possible be the ultimate online marketplace. But with other specialist sites and apps such as Shpock or Gumtree in the market, what makes Facebook so unique?

We guess you are no stranger to buying and selling online if you are reading this, but you are probably wondering why we think Facebook Marketplace is so good?

A lot of distinct advantages lie with the site that have landed it a reputation as one of the safest, easiest places to sell.

What Makes Facebook Marketplace So Unique?

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Safe and Secure. The fact that Facebook is so widely used, means you tend to get a much better view of the person you are buying or selling to. You get a profile, complete with photo, you can see common friends, some basic information about where they’re from, their age, sometimes their choice of lifestyle depending on their security settings.

Messaging Its quick and easy to respond directly to a seller via Facebook Messenger.

Convenience. Let's be honest, you are going to be on Facebook anyways, so why bother going to another app? Its quick, simple and easy to use directly from the app.

Secrets of the sellers

Its all in the detail……

The more detail you give, the more trustworthy you become. No matter what you are selling, be up front and honest about any potential issues. Scuff on a shoe? Photograph it. Car part only fits a certain model? Tell people. You may think it will put people off, but the effect tends to be the reverse. People buy from trustworthy people. So be honest from the off and the right buyer will find you.

Price it right

Don’t get your inbox or comments flooded by chancers. We have all seen them. People who want something for nothing. We are not saying don’t be open to offers but be clear from the start on the price you want. This stops both parties time from being wasted.

Big Item? Increase your chance of sale by offering delivery

How many times have you seen a sofa, wardrobe or any other big item that you miss out on, simple because you can’t get it home? Well that’s our bread and butter. Let us connect you with a Tote Hero and you can offer delivery. Or if you are buying something for yourself, our Tote Heroes will be more than happy to assist you. Our network of Tote Heroes will sort everything, so you wont even need to go to the sellers home if you don’t want to. Offering Tote delivery whenever you sell big items, either scheduled or on-demand, allows you to sell your items when it suits you.

Buying on Facebook, the inside info

Buying on Facebook can be a wild ride. You need to be careful as there are a lot of scammers out there.

Check the profile isn’t fake

We see time and time again about good people being scammed in the real world, but the internet is riddled with these people trying to take your hard-earned cash! Here are a few red flags to look out for:

  • The name is not a real name (Johns Sales or Marys items for sale) If somebody is not happy for you to know their full name, they might have something to hide.

  • They have no photos of themselves. Sometimes people have a profile pic of something of somebody else. But if there are no photos of themselves, again a red flag is waving.

  • The profile was created recently (within the last 0-6months)

  • They only have a few friends. Profiles with less than 15 friends should be considered as a potential hazard.

  • There are no actual posts, just re-shared content.

When you come across these, Report them immediately to Facebook. Hopefully you will stop others from getting scammed.

Like any other for-sale site, always protect your money

Avoid bank transfers where possible. There are a lot safer options in the modern world

No matter what way you choose to pay, ALWAYS ensure you receive your item first. A scammer is good as gone with your money if you pay prior. But making sure you have the item and are happy with your purchase before departing with the money is the safest way to do business.

Facebook Marketplace and for-sale groups are growing in popularity every day. They are an amazing place to buy and sell, on the largest online community in the world. The exposure for your items is huge. The biggest restriction though is about the delivery. Van services are notoriously hard to book, So why not use our quick, easy and convenient app and book a Tote Hero to do the work for you. Our app is the easiest way to book the service you need, at the time that suits you.

Become a Tote Hero, and start earning!

Want to become a Tote hero? Join us now and start making your time earn you money.


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