Last Updated  2nd September 2019

What is VanHeroes?


VanHeroes is a trusted network that connects local Man and Van Services, with the people and businesses who need help them. Our Heroes can deliver large items, such as sofas, tables or mattresses, or complete licensed waste disposal. You can use our unique app to get a guaranteed quote within minutes, and if you like what you see, you can schedule the Hero to suit your needs by paying directly through the app.

How do I sign up as a Hero? (Driver/HElper)


Signing up as a driver is easy, simply download the app and sign up using the bottom link, Driver Signup. It takes roughly 5 minutes and will give you access (Once approved) to our pool of jobs. 


How much can I earn AS A Hero? 


That all depends on the jobs you decide to take and the amount of them. Typically, job earnings can range from £20 to £100.


My application was rejected, can I reapply?


Of course, we have certain criteria we check drivers against, so make sure you complete your application in full, and that your van has the relevant documentation such as MOT and Tax for us to check and confirm.


How large does my van need to be?


We accept applications from all size of vans. The jobs that are posted by our customers typically require bigger vans, but there are jobs available for all sizes.


I have points on my license, Can I apply?


A lot of drivers have points, and they can happen for a range of reasons. As long as you are not banned, we will review your application. 


I tried to log into my account, but it says it is blocked by admin. What does this mean?


This would be the case when your application is awaiting review from our office team. Sit tight and we will contact you once your application has been reviewed.


Can I expect full time work from Vanheroes?


VanHeroes is designed to fill the gaps in your diary, we do not employee any drivers directly and won’t be able to fill your diary. We are simply a platform to connect the community with local Man and Van Services.


How much do you charge to have access to Vanheroes Jobs?


Membership is free, and we have added benefits with selected partners also. By signing up, not only do you get access to all the jobs for free, you can also take advantage of our excellent driver benefits including fuel cards and reduced service and MOT costs. When it comes to jobs, the price you see is the price you get paid.


What documents do I need to provide during my application?


We require your vehicle registration and driving license number. As we also offer waste disposal, if you wish to have access to these jobs, we will require a copy of your relevant licenses. 


How long does the background check take?


Currently we aim to have all relevant checks completed in 3 days, however these are often done quicker.


Do I need any special equipment?


We recommended all drivers are equipped with the right accessories for the job. Straps and sheets should be a minimum to safely transport goods, but most drivers have dollies and sliders to make their jobs easier.


How and when do I get paid?


When you have completed a job, make sure you complete the job in the app. This then allows us to instruct the bank to pay you 7 days after completion directly to the bank that you signed up with.


I am missing a payment. What do I do?


In the rare occurrence that you don’t get paid, there is normally a logical reason behind this. Please email with your concerns and we will aim to get this sorted ASAP for you.


Can a customer ride in my vehicle?


We don’t recommend this, and we advise customers that this is down to the individual driver. As you are working for yourself, this is completely up to you, and would need to be discussed directly with the customer inside the app chat functionality.


I saw a JOB come in, then it disappeared. Where did it go?


Jobs are often picked up fairly quickly, so the job has probably been picked up by another driver. If that driver cancels for any reason, the job will be reposted back out to all drivers.


What happens if I need to cancel a JOB?


If you need to cancel, you can do so within the job directly on the app. But please be aware you may be charged an admin fee if this is cancelled within 24hrs of the job start date/time.

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