Last Updated  2nd September 2019

What is VanHeroes?


VanHeroes is a trusted network that connects local Man and Van Services, with the people and businesses who need help them. Our Heroes can deliver large items, such as sofas, tables or mattresses, or complete licensed waste disposal. You can use our unique app to get a guaranteed quote within minutes, and if you like what you see, you can schedule the Hero to suit your needs by paying directly through the app.


Where does VanHeroes operate?


Currently VanHeroes is only available in Swindon, Wiltshire, and a 25mile radius. But we are working hard to expand the offering in the coming months, with bold plans to be nationwide in the future. If you would like to have VanHeroes in your area, let us know.

How much does VanHeroes cost?

The price can vary depending on distance and the job in question. We are clear and open on our pricing throughout the job, so you can control the cost of the job to suit your budget. For example you can add additional helpers, have the items delivered inside the property, and taken upstairs, but all will be added into your personalised price. To get a free estimate, we suggest you download the app from the Play Store or the App store and have a price in the palm of your hands in minutes.


I’ve booked a job, what happens next?


Once you have booked a job, our local driver network will get an alert direct to their phones to advise them a new job is available. They can view the details of the job, and the first to accept gets the job. Sometimes drivers are busy with other customers, so they may not respond immediately. Do not panic, with our wide network of professionals, we are confident that your job will get picked up and completed.


Please be aware jobs booked on an ASAP basis are subject to Hero availability, and will be completed as quickly as possible for you.

Will the Hero help me load and unload my items into their van?


All Heroes will be happy to assist with loading and unloading, but should you have a heavy or large item such as a sofa or table, you will be expected to help. If you are unable to help, it would be expected for you to have paid for an additional helper via the app, else they may not be able to complete the job for you.


What items can you not pick up and deliver?


Our limitations can be broken down into two categories:

Mini Moves / Item Delivery:

Our Heroes cannot move anything with a heartbeat or anything illegal such as drugs or guns. We also will not move pianos, as these require special removal services, or any other specialist oversized item such as hot tubs.


Waste Removal & Disposal:


Below is a guideline on things we cannot remove for you, but there may be additional items that a driver may refuse to take if it is deemed a hazard or risk to health.

  • Raw food and meat such as category 3 ABP waste

  • Licensed and unlicensed asbestos

  • Plasterboard

  • Working around needles and sharps

  • Chemicals and solvents including most paints

Can I ride in a VanHeroes van with the driver?


The general answer to this is no and its not to be expected, however when a driver accepts the job you may ask them if this is an option via the in-app chat tool.

How do I reschedule a job?


If the job has been posted, but no driver has accepted yet, you can cancel the job and book a new one. But the refund from the cancelled job may take up to 7 days to reach your bank account. Once a driver has accepted your job, the easiest way to rearrange would be to chat directly to the driver in the app. Please be aware if you cancel the job close to when it is due, fees may apply.


Is there a cancellation fee?


If you need to cancel your Hero, and give more than 24hrs notice, there is no charge.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice and a job is scheduled, a 50% cancellation fee is applied. In the event that your VanHeroes has "started" and/or your Helper(s) have arrived at the first location and cannot complete your job due to cancellation, rescheduling, or any reasons outside of their control, the full fee will be charged.


My Heroes did a fantastic job. Can I tip them?


Of course, but this is not necessary, although it is always appreciated by the drivers. You can tip with cash currently, but in the future, you can tip your VanHeroes Hero directly through the app once the job has been completed. Anything you wish to tip is passed on directly to the driver, and they will receive 100% of the Tip.


Are my items protected during a VanHeroes project?


Yes all drivers are verified and checked, and we hold our own insurances to ensure you are protected in the event of any damage or accidents.


Do Helpers wrap items?


VanHeroes drivers will come equipped with straps and protective sheeting for transport, but if you have any worries, we advise wrapping items up prior to the driver arrival via the chat function.


What if an item doesn't fit into my home?


In the event your item can't be delivered because it doesn't fit through the door, your Hero can leave the item outside your home or return it to the pickup location for an additional fee. It is highly encouraged to take the appropriate measurements of all doorways, hallways and other spaces in the delivery path to ensure the items will fit before booking a VanHeroes job.


How do I pay for VanHeroes?


We have built the app to make booking man and van services as simple as possible, and this includes payment. If you are happy with a quote, you simple decide if you want to pay with PayPal, Debit or Credit card or through your native phone payment (Apple Pay or Google Pay). To ensure your details are safe, we use PayPal or Stripe which means that we do not hold any card details.


What vans are available through VanHeroes?


Our Heroes all operate different types and sizes or vans, which means we are able to accommodate a large range of jobs. We have a range of people working on behalf of you, some are sole traders, and some are companies with multiple vehicles. This means we are confident we can get you the right van at the right time.


Can Heroes build my furniture for me?


At the moment, we do not have this as a feature, but it is something we are considering for the future. Make sure you follow us social media to keep up with the latest updates and features.


Who are the VanHeroes drivers?


They are all people from your local community. We pride ourselves on connecting local Man and Van services with the people around them. All drivers and their vehicles are checked before being allowed access to jobs. 


Is VanHeroes available for long-distance moves?


We are only operating locally currently, in Swindon and a 25-mile radius. Having just launched after a year of building the service, we want to concentrate on local delivery. We do plan to expand the offering in the future as we move to new towns and cities across the UK.


How do I contact customer support?


You can contact us by emailing, or directly through our Facebook page.